Cannabis for Your Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

As the popularity of cannabis increases in Nevada, people all across the state are embracing it as a way to celebrate their special events. This shift is having a positive effect on one particular event that is often associated with debauchery, risk-taking and (more often than not) regret: the bachelor/bachelorette...Read More »

Cannabis Research: Past, Present and Future

Without doubt, the deliberate roadblocks facing legitimate marijuana research has become one of the greatest injustices to the modern medical and public policy community. For decades marijuana policy and related laws were written based on a handful of severely flawed studies. Interest in cannabis research grewmid-century as psychologists and medical...Read More »

The Best Way to Try Marijuana-Infused Edibles

Marijuana-infused edibles offer a great option for enjoying the medicinal and/or psychoactive effects of marijuana in a completely different way than smoking or vaping provides. Our body processes edibles differently than inhaled cannabis smoke, so the effects are quite different and have a completely different set of qualities. As a result,...Read More »

Marijuana and Insomnia Sufferers

Insomnia — the recurring inability to go to sleep as desired or to wake up feeling rested — is one of the three most common reasons medical marijuana users cite for consuming cannabis. In states and countries not fortunate enough to have legal medical or recreational marijuana, insomnia is also...Read More »

An Overview of Nevada's New Marijuana Purchasing Guidelines

As of July 1, recreational marijuana is legal to purchase in Nevada for certain adults. Rejoice! Nevada’s new recreational marijuana sales come with a number of important rules and caveats. Those who live or visit Nevada and wish to enjoy marijuana legally must abide by these rules to avoid fines...Read More »

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