5 Facts about Young Adults and Cannabis

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to the widespread legalization of marijuana are critics who sing the doom it would cause for young adults. Marijuana, they claim, is a gateway drug to harder drugs, and that it causes an obsessive behavior where people do nothing but smoke and get high...Read More »

Why Patients with Chronic Headaches are Turning to Medical Cannabis

Many people suffer from chronic headaches, and they can be truly debilitating, affecting your ability to go to work and go about your daily tasks. Whether they’re migraines or tension headaches or caused by some other issue, people who live with these aches can be desperate for some means of...Read More »

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...Read More »

5 Ways to Enjoy Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are powerful, efficient and generally thought to be healthier compared to typical herb combustion smoking. All of these qualities are true, but did you know that concentrates can also be incredibly versatile? Nearly any method of consumption you can think of can be improved by using concentrates instead of...Read More »

Exposing the Most Common Drug Testing Myths

Chances are great that if you are a cannabis user, you have worried about a drug test at some time in your life. And chances are almost 100 percent that if you have worried about a drug test in your life, you have encountered some of the more tenacious drug...Read More »

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